Academic Language Programs

ISPA offers five different language programs :

  1. International Studies Italian (IS Italian): Proficiency Test Required
  2. International Studies Spanish (IS Spanish): Proficiency Test Required
  3. International Studies French (IS French): Proficiency Test Required
  4. International Education French (IE French): Proficiency Test NOT Required
  5. International Education Italian (IE Italian): Proficiency Test NOT Required

Our International Studies (IS) programs follow the curricula from France, Italy and Spain in the areas of Language and Literature, and History and Geography (Humanities). Students must be proficient in the language to enter the IS programs. 

  • In the IS Spanish program students qualify for the national diploma of Spain, Spanish Bachillerato Diploma.
  • IS and IE Italian students who pass the AP Italian exam and 3 out of 4 other AP exams will be allowed to enroll in any Italian university of their choice.
  • IS French students wishing to study at a French university must hold a high school diploma and pass the DELF B2 exam.

ISPA’s International Education (IE) French and Italian programs offer a rigorous curriculum in Language, Literature and Humanities. Applying students are not required to take a language exam since they will become proficient through our program.